Behind the Drover’s Inn, Loch Lomond

Behind the Drover’s Inn, Loch Lomond, 13 x 18cm, watercolour

This wee painting is for sale on all my usual shops, Etsy, Artfinder, and ArtGallery.


Mountain Stream, Skye

Mountain Stream, Skye, watercolour, 13 x 18cm, £40

Mountain Stream is for sale on all my usual shops, Etsy, Artfinder, ArtGallery and Art2Arts.


A studio is not a studio unless a cat has claimed a shelf as its own.

I had done a load of knitting, thinking I could maybe sell some of it and stored my handy work neatly. I then made the mistake of blinking and found my knitting miraculously turned into a cat bed and unsalable. Now I’m out of sorts if he’s not sleeping there. His name is Splat by the way so named by my husband I must add.


Black Rock Cottage, Glencoe

The weather in Scotland has been spectacular this summer and I have spent most of it out and about. Glencoe is only 1 1/2 hours away from me, and heading up into these mountains on a sunny day is the most heart warming activity I can think of in this weather. The surrounding mountains exude such a strong sense of history and at the same time remind you that nature is the one in control (the weather can change at the snap of a finger). It is such a privilege to have Glencoe so nearby.

For sale on Etsy and Artfinder.

Black Rock Cottage, Glencoe, watercolour, 13 x 18cm, £40


Cloudscape, 30 x 30cm, £395 (unframed)

I haven’t posted one of my oils for a while. This one hangs in my studio at the moment. right above my desk; so I’m looking at it just now. I’ve always liked the addition of the green and blue to the clouds and the touches in the waves. There is something about the contrasting colours that sit so well for me.

Art off the Square

Well, the Scottish school summer holidays are almost over, and I am beginning to paint again after spending many weeks having so much fun with my son. I hope you’ve had a good summer too.

My latest exhibition is already on the horizon, and you are more than welcome to come along.

Art off the Square is an annual exhibition that I have been a part of for the past 8 years. It starts on the 23rd August and runs until the 25th August in Kilbarchan. The details are below. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Bluebell Glade

Bluebell Glade, gouache and watercolour

A wee bluebell painting, because no matter how many times I paint bluebells, I still want to do more.

This one is for sale in all the usual online places –  Etsy, Artfinder and artgallery – but if you want to see my original paintings for sale in the real world, they are being exhibited at Smithy Gallery in their Affordable Art Show from 24 June – 22 July 2018. The Private View is on Sunday 24 June, 2pm–5pm. You are more than welcome.

Summer Wildflowers

Summer Wildflowers, 26 x 41cm, mixed media on board

Lately, I have been deciding on the colours I want to use first before painting, and have been loving the results. Limiting my palette has had a very freeing effect on my work, allowing me to solely concentrate on what I am creating and not on what colours I’m going to be using as well. I’ve used a lot of water too which has dictated the shapes and patterns I have used as it flows and moves my paint into its own desired shapes.

I’m going to be exploring this method of painting more, not just because I like the paintings I am producing, but also because I am really enjoying myself.

Summer Wildflowers, along with In the Blue, Dancing and Swaying, and a few other wee paintings will be exhibited at Smithy Gallery in their Affordable Art Show from 24 June – 22 July 2018. The Private View is on Sunday 24 June, 2pm–5pm. You are more than welcome.

Purples and Blues

Bluebells, bluebells everywhere; so many to paint!

I wandered down to Pollok Park not far from me and strolled in the woods among these flowers. In the sun their scent is so wonderfully welcoming – like a more subtle hyacinth. A couple of years ago I took all my gear down and painted them en pleine air; this year I have taken loads of photos so I’ll be working on many more paintings in my studio.

I also came across a large patch of wild garlic in full bloom – I’ve not had a go at painting them.

I’ll let you know when I have paintings at the ready.