Loch Walk

Loch Walk, mixed media on watercolour paper, 24.5 x 41cm (10 x 16″), £395

It has been so long since I worked in mixed media – I had actually forgotten how much I love it, and the textures I can create. I have used gouache, and layers of hand made papers  as well as glues, and materials that will affect the paint.

I am now brimming with ideas for the next painting, so watch this space.

Loch Walk is for sale on Etsy and Artfinder.

Loch Walk close up – here you can see the lines left by the handmade paper
Loch Walk close up – some examples of my brushstrokes


Nebula, oil on canvas, 46 x 55cm (18 x 22″), £650

I wanted to be more abstract and experimental with my work. With Nebula, I used oils using brush strokes and brush shapes to dictate what I was doing. Once the paint was dry I worked into it by scraping and sanding back the colours to achieve the different textures you can see here. I love the way the contrasting colours of purple and green work together here.

Nebula is for sale at Artfinder and Saatchi Art.

Bluebells and Snowdrops

Bluebells, gouache on watercolour paper, 21 x 14cm (8.5 x 6″), £30
Snowdrops, gouache on watercolour paper, 14 x 21cm (6 x 8″), £30

I always love spring, because I have an excuse to paint spring flowers. First come the snowdrops then the bluebells; but when I lived in South Korea, there were wild azaleas before everything else, and they were stunning.

Both wee paintings are for sale on Etsy, Artfinder and ArtGallery.

Website Design – A Closet Nerd, That’s Me


I used to design and build websites (it was my own business), but moving to S Korea for 4 years made it impossible to continue. And I have to admit that, while I was there, I didn’t actually miss it as much as I could or should have.

Now a days, from time to time, I only put sites together for close family or friends as a favour, which is probably taking the pressure off and I’m really enjoying it as a result.

Web design for me, is a different kind of creativity. I love (don’t laugh now) getting down and dirty with coding and fiddling about with technical stuff. I can spend a whole day splashing colour, pattern and images about, and I don’t get all messy. If I make a mistake, I don’t have to chuck paper or canvas out either, I can just click the mouse a few times to go back a few steps and do it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love painting, but doing something completely different on the odd occasion is utterly refreshing.

Then again, I used to be really sneaky and combine drawing with my site designing, creating entirely hand drawn sites, just to keep my painting hand in.

Come to think of it, after reading through the above gush of enthusiasm, maybe I do miss it. Just a little, tiny, tiny, wee bit…

Above is an image from one my old sites, Tramp2Vamp, now known as NHJ Style Consultancy – I loved working with her but didn’t design her new site.


Flower Field

Flower Field, soft pastel on watercolour paper, 41 x 31cm (16 x 12″)

This was an experiment for me and I think it went well. I started off with a soft pastel wash (adding vodka to the pastel to work it like paint) and then tried to work as impressionistically as I could. I love the muted colours, and I am planning on taking this way of painting further.

Flower Field is for sale on Etsy or Artfinder.