New Website Design


I have always created my own websites, but the last one was a nightmare to edit and keep up to date. Now I have new software and I settled to work on something that is so much more manageable.

I’d appreciate any comments you have (especially if you find links that aren’t working), and let me know what you think.

You can visit it here at


Allium Meadow, Work in Progress 1

Just a quick sketch so I know where I want things to be. I also like working on board that is heading towards the darker shades.
And now a scramble to get as much colour down as I can, covering the board (bits are allowed to shine through, though).

Photographing my paintings


Square print of Fallow Fields

I’ve always taken photos of my paintings; at first for my records, then for my website and finally for printing.

I sell my paintings’ images as greetings cards and prints, but I found that the quality of my photos just isn’t good enough.  They were slightly blurred close up (which for large scale print is a no-no), the colours seemed all wrong or parts of the painting appeared over or under exposed.

Three weeks ago, I decided to address this, and now employ a professional photographer, Dean Edwards.  What a difference!  When you blow a photo up to it’s full size, everything is in focus and I can clearly see the textures in my brushwork, and where the paint is thin, I can even see the roughness of the canvas.

I could have invested in a better camera, but it seems I needed to invest in the person taking the photos.

Here’s to much better and larger prints.