Stream landscape painting 2

Just getting to grips with dark and light.
The pink was such a bad choice.

Stream landscape painting 1

This painting is the first I had worked on en plein air for years. I can’t believe I had forgotten just how much I love working outside.

A new path had been created just beside where I lived giving me easy access to this stream.
Not the ideal set up (having to bend down to grab my materials) – I know I’m going to have to get something sorted.
The first tentative scribbles.

Sketching, Denmark and Switzerland

Here a few more of the quickie sketches I did during the summer.

My sketches don’t just bring back the moment as a photo does, but all the sights and sounds throughout the time it takes to complete a drawing – including the one interruption from a stranger to ask if I’m drawing (!?).

I did just about all my sketches with Japanese brush pens of varying sizes.

Copenhagen town hall.
Japanese brush pens are my new favourite thing.
Swiss waterfall, using pens of differing sizes.
Swiss sky walk and a paraglider. The pens were wonderful for drawing the rock’s formations.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work

From time, to time, out in the sunshine, and even with fantastic views, a painting or a sketch just doesn’t work – no matter what I do. I’m too ashamed to show you the results of the messes I ended up making, but the views were so fabulous, I though you might like to see what I was trying to paint…

Looking out to the island of Skye from the Scottish mainland, and proof that I was trying to paint – maybe sitting down was one of the problems, but it was too windy for an easel.
Eilean Donan Castle. I couldn’t do it justice and I think the problem was that I started the painting too close into the castle (which you can just make out). Ho hum.