Apologies, but there is a good reason…

I apologise for being quiet over the passed wee while and not replying to comments. Something extraordinary has happened here, in Scotland – it’s sunny!!!

I’m making the most of the good weather by spending all my time outside as this could be 2016’s summer.

Normal service will resume when the weather changes back to it’s usual driech state.

Until then, I’m out drawing – in the SUN!!!


Painting over an old painting – 2

Stage 2

Well, I’m a much happier girl now. As I said in my last post, I started again, and it seems to be working; to me it does anyway.

I’ve used large oil paint brushes (to stop me going into too much detail), shifted the land down to the bottom third of the canvas and am going to allow the orange from the original painting to show through behind the island in the background.

More next time.


Painting over an old painting – 1

I had originally called this painting Cartwheels at Sunset – that’s what we were doing on the beach when I took the original source photo.

I’m going to rework the painting above as I know I have improved since I painted it – and I already have a frame for it.

I want to liven up the islands in the distance, stop the land in the foreground from looking as though it is just floating about, add more interest to the sea, soften the sky and change a lot of the colour.

Well, that’s what I think for the moment.  I’ll keep you up to date…