Spring Again, Finished

Spring Again, chalk pastel on board

I loved working on this because it was outside. It has already sold.


Horatio’s Garden Courtyard, QUEH

Just a few months ago, this courtyard, in Scotland’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s national spinal unit, was grey with just concrete square blocks on the ground with weeds poking through.

Now it is a welcoming area with shelters, known as pods.

Below, you can see the large pod I was working in on Wednesday, where I was joined by  patients and their visitors escaping the wards.

I’ll be there next Wednesday too, and I’ll post my painting when it’s finished.

horatios_garden_courtyard_02Above is one of the 3 pods, below are the remaining two and the wonderful ripple effect in the ground around the fountain.horatios_garden_courtyard_01

Painting over an old painting – 6

Morar at Sunset, oil on canvas


This actually worked well for me – having a brightly coloured under painting to work on top of. I’ll be doing it again, I think.

Artist in Residence, Horatio’s Garden


I have such good news.  I have been asked to be the Artist in Residence at Horatio’s Garden in Scotland. The garden is based at Scotland’s Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow.

The therapy garden has been created by volunteers and through a charity, for patients to grow vegetables and plants and a play area for patients’ children who, until now had nowhere to go to during long visits. Outside ward windows, patients can now see wildlife coming to visit for the first time too – we already have a robin.

There is also a wonderful courtyard garden (photos to come) that I will be working in that thankfully has sheltered areas (or pods as we call them) for patients and visitors. It is a wonderfully quiet a space and such a change from the bare concrete paving slabs that were there before.

I am thrilled and if you want to find out more about Horatio’s Garden please click here.

I will be starting demonstration this Wednesday and will no doubt have news and stories to post in the future.



Painting over an old painting – 4

Stage 4

I am beginning to build in texture now, layering the paint on thickly, but am a bit hindered by my own idiocy.  I went away for a few days, and completely forgot to clean my brushes, leaving them out unprotected. As a result, the ones I want to use are soaking away to soften them up for use tomorrow. I find the size of the brushes I use make a big difference to me.

Talking of softening, I now need to do that to the clouds too and the base of the island where it meets the sea, while the same clouds need more light reflecting off them.

Could all be totally different by my next post.

Painting over an old painting – 3

It really has been ages since I have added anything to my blog, but what with glorious sunshine and then the school summer holidays, I have been somewhat distracted. Part of that distraction was the need to be outside painting simply because I could.  There has been lots going on too, so I hope to fill you in over the next wee while.

In the meantime, though, I thought I should finish the posts about the painting below. It is a continuation of the painting I was working on a while back – here are the links stage 1 and stage 2.

The painting is coming along, I think.

I want to darken the land on the right, bring more definition into the sea. The clouds need more work, softening parts of them and introducing more whispy bits (technical term). The sunset behind the island needs more thought.

Tomorrow, I’ll sit for a while and have a good look before I do anything, because not seeing the painting over night often helps me to work out my next steps.

Stage 3