Allium Meadow, Work in Progress 1

Just a quick sketch so I know where I want things to be. I also like working on board that is heading towards the darker shades.
And now a scramble to get as much colour down as I can, covering the board (bits are allowed to shine through, though).

Old Apple Tree, work in progress 1

Old Apple Tree, work in progress, stage 1

Golden Eagle Wildlife Painting

Golden Eagle, chalk pastel on board

The Golden Eagle is Scotland’s national bird, and I’ve seen them only on 3 occasions – in a tree, sitting just staring down, soaring way off in the distance, and, amazingly, flying along side the car, and then across the road in front of us (it was a young bird).

I really don’t think I’ve done this stunning bird justice. The background is all wrong to start with, it’s too stationary and I want to see more of the eagle. But…

…It just means I have an excuse, a good one, to do another. I’ll let you know when I do.

Arran Rains landscape painting

Arran Rains, oil on canvas

This is an odd painting. I’ve exhibited it all over the place, had so much interest in it, but it has never sold. However….

I sell prints and greetings cards of it over and over and over again through my shop on Etsy and galleries. I have no idea why. I thought it might be the size of the original- 61 x 51 cm (24 x 20″) – but I sell prints of it at that size.

I don’t mind, it’s hanging in my home.

Into the Woods, chalk pastel landscape 4


Finished, Into the Woods, chalk pastel on board. I couldn’t get rid of Little Red Riding Hood, but she isn’t so easy to spot now. The painting is now mounted and for sale on Etsy.