Photographing my paintings


Square print of Fallow Fields

I’ve always taken photos of my paintings; at first for my records, then for my website and finally for printing.

I sell my paintings’ images as greetings cards and prints, but I found that the quality of my photos just isn’t good enough.  They were slightly blurred close up (which for large scale print is a no-no), the colours seemed all wrong or parts of the painting appeared over or under exposed.

Three weeks ago, I decided to address this, and now employ a professional photographer, Dean Edwards.  What a difference!  When you blow a photo up to it’s full size, everything is in focus and I can clearly see the textures in my brushwork, and where the paint is thin, I can even see the roughness of the canvas.

I could have invested in a better camera, but it seems I needed to invest in the person taking the photos.

Here’s to much better and larger prints.


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